Industrial 1-port RS232/422/485 to 1-port 100FX Device Server



IDS-5011F is an innovative secure 1-port RS-232/422/485 to 1-port optic fiber Ethernet port secure serial to Ethernet device server featuring the standard features of device server, such like TCP/IP interface and versatile operation modes: Virtual Com, Serial Tunnel, TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP. In addition, the Windows utility, DS-Tool, could configure multiple devices and set up the mappings of Virtual Com. The features of NAT Router Pass-Through, DDNS, and PPPoE make it more convenient for administrators to configure ORing’s device servers through NAT router from different IP domains or Internet via modem remotely. On the other hand, IDS-5011F can simultaneously transfer data up to 5 redundant host PCs to aovid Ethernet connection breakdown or any host PC fails. Further, IDS-5011F features HTTPS, SSH, and SSL encryption to assure the security of critical data transmission. IDS-5011F provides dual redundant power inputs, 12~48 VDC, on DC power jack and terminal block to guarantee a non-stop operation. With wide operating temperature, -40~70°C, and rugged IP-30 housing design, IDS-5011F could operate in the harsh industrial environment. Therefore IDS-5011F is the best solution to the high demand of secure serial to Ethernet critical data communication.


  • Operating Modes: Virtual Com, Serial Tunnel, TCP Server,TCP Client, UDP
  • Redundant multiple host devices : 5 host devices : Virtual COM, TCP Server, TCP Client mode; 4 IP ranges : UDP
  • NAT Pass-Through : the user can manage IDS-5011F through NAT router
  • Security: SSL data encryption; secured management by HTTPS and SSH: IP Access: IP White List
  • Internet Communication: PPPoE
  • Update DNS Hostname: DDNS
  • Event Warning by Syslog, Email, SNMP trap, and Beeper
  • Configurable by Web-based and Windows utility (DS-Tool)
  • Various Windows O.S. supported: Windows NT/2000/ XP/ 2003/VISTA (32bit/64bit) /Windows 7 (32bit/64bit)