Color Screen RFID Time Attendance Terminal

A350 series is the new generation fingerprint and RFID time attendance terminals based on the Linux platform and supports cloud applications. A350 series houses a 3.5-inches color LCD and touchable keypad along with a touch optical fingerprint sensor (A350). The full upgrade can let A350 series operate on battery power and can be used for portable time attendance tracking needs. The webserver function is made easy to configure the device. The optional WiFi, Bluetooth and 4G function ensure flexible application of the device.


  • 1Ghz Linux Based CPU
    The new Linux based 1Ghz processor ensures the 1:3000 comparison speed less than 0.5 seconds.
  • WiFi & Bluetooth
    Keeps visitor and user confidentiality without storing any data after scanning the GreenPass QR Code.
  • 4G Communication
    The flexible 4G communication saves the installation costs and applies to places with poor internet or no internet.
  • Built-in Battery
    Portable battery-operated time clocks are convenient and easy to use. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts for approximately 10 hours-the longest-lasting battery life of most time clocks.
  • Touch Active Fingerprint Reader (A350)
    The touch active sensor ensures a quick response for fingerprint detection which brings you a simple but more efficient interaction and user experience.
  • Touch Active Keypad
    The touch active sensor ensures the best user experiences which in turn optimizes performance and helps extend the usable life of the device.
  • Colorful LCD Screen
    Usability of intuitive UI allows quick and easy access to features on its colorful screen.
  • WebServer
    The webserver browser function is made easy to configure the device for administrators.
  • Cloud Application
    When you shift to a cloud-based time attendance system then it eliminates both the money as well as the time needed to install software or maintain the overall system. This means that shifting to it can considerably save your IT budget. For such systems you won’t need a dedicated IT resource set up.