ITC : Analog PA System


T-6600 16 Zones Weekly Timer with 8x16 Audio Matrix and Mp3
T-218 Remote Paging Microphone
T-6205 Intelligent Controller
T-6212(A) 10 Zone Paging Controller with Speaker Selecto
T-218(A) Zone Paging Microphone
T-6232 Intelligent Control Host
T-6246 Remote Control- use with T-6232 (PC)
T-6249 Digital Ambient Noise Controller (For Airport Solution)
T-6251A / T-6251B/ T-6251C Ambient Noise Sensor (For Airport Solution)
T-8000 8x8 Audio Matrix & Paging Controller
T-8000A Remote Paging Console T-8000AE Extension Control Keypad
T-8000B (Grey & Aluminum) / T-8000BW (White & ABS) Remote Control with Audio Input Module
T-8000D (Grey & Aluminum)/ T-8000DW (White & ABS)Remote MIC Input Module

Audio Sources

T-2221 CD/MP3 Player with Tuner (4 Audio Sources in One)
T-6221 CD/MP3 Player
T-6222 Digital AM/FM Tuner
T-6227 Programmable CD/Mp3 Player with USB & SD
T-6228 Programmable AM/FM Tuner


T-521A Microphone (Built-in chime)
T-621A Microphone (Built-in chime)
T-511C Microphone
T-511G Microphone (Round ring indicator)
TS-337 Desktop Microphone
TS-338 Desktop Mic (Balance Input + Phantom Power)
T-531 Phantom Power Condenser Mic

Volume Controller

T-681F/ T-682F/ T-683F/ T-684F/ T-685F Volume Control with Relay
T-671/ T-672/ T-673/ T-674/ T-675 Volume Control
T-681/ T-682/ T-683/ T-684/ T-685 Volume Control
T-6S/ T-6FS Volume Control with Channel Selector
V-8P/ V-8M Volume Control Box
T-671C/ T-672C/ T-673C/ T-674C/ T-675C3 Wired Volume Control


T-6236 Lectern T-6236B Lectern with Wireless VHF MIC
T-6236BMU High-end Multifunctional Luxury Podium