Asano Electronic Black Board With 65 Inches

4K HD Anti-Glare Screen, Clearer Picture Quality.HD LED Backlight Panel.Support Multi-Terminal Access.High Precision Touch, Intelligent Whiteboard, Write And Annotate At Will, Share And Save At Any Time By Sweeping The Code.Wireless Screen Transmission, The Same Screen Is Not Limited.Remote Meeting Multi-Screen Interaction

  • The Whole Board Can Be Used As A Common Blackboard, Including The Touch Screen In The Middle
  • Touch And Hold For 2~3 Seconds To Turn The Screen On Or Off
  • Drop Down The Screen To Easily Reach The Top Of What Is Being Displayed
  • Plenty Of Tools To Be Used To Write And Draw
  • Easily Find Teaching Materials
  • More Apps To Be Used Or Installed To Make Lessons More Interesting
  • Conveniently Switch To Windows OS
  • More Input Sources To Be Chosen