The BT5971 is a flat screen ceiling mount with tilt adjustment, designed for screens up to 28″ / 20kg. Available with a 1 or 2 metre ceiling drop, the BT5971 features integrated cable management allowing cables to run through the centre of the pole and out through either the top or side of the ceiling mount, ensuring finished installations are neat and tidy. For longer drops, the pole length can be extended with a joiner (BT5924) and additional poles (BT5935) from the System V Range, whilst accessories can be added with the use of additional ø38mm accessory collars (BT5952) and compatible accessory mounts.

  • Mounts a small flat screen to the ceiling
  • Easy tilt adjustment
  • Available in a choice of two different drop lengths
  • Multiple grub screws allow micro-adjustment of the pole to ensure a perfectly angled drop
  • Safety bolts ensure pole and mount are securely joined
  • Integrated cable management allows cables to pass through the centre of the pole to the
    CCTV screen mount and out through the top or side of the ceiling mount