M5 Plus

Outdoor Fingerprint and RFID Access Control Device

M5 Plus is new generation outdoor professional access control device. With fast linux based 1Ghz CPU, and latest BioNANO® fingerprint algorithm, M5 plus ensures a less than 0.5 second comparison time under 1:3000 status. The standard Wi-Fi and bluetooth functions realize the flexible installation and operation. The IP65 and IK10 design let M5 plus can be used in various outdoor environment. M5 plus also supports easily near field bluetooth opening by Anviz Crosschex E-key APP.


  • The new Linux based 1Ghz processor ensures the 1:3000 comparison time less than 0.5 second
  • Your mobile device will be the key with bluetooth function and you can realize shake opening with ekey APP.
  • The WiFi function ensures power on to work, and realize the flexible installation of the device.
  • The standard IP65 design ensures the the complete outdoor application of the device
  • The touch active sensor ensures the quick response for each detection and saving the total power consumption of the device.
  • The Webserver ensures the easily quick connection and self management of the device