The NYX Series IP based controller is the latest distributed product provided by Tricolor Technology for the needs of networked and IP-based users. Utilizing the Tricolor’s unique video network transmission technology, it provides users with ultra-low latency and high-definition image quality for extreme audio and video experience.The NYX system integrates practical functions such as long-distance audio and video transmission, matrix switching, KVM workstations management, and video wall management.


  • 4K@30Hz 4:4:4 Ultra HD video loss-less transmission, output display perfect restore original image quality
  • Ultra-low delay transmission, transmission delay  35ms, fast and smooth signal switching, no black field, no flash screen
  • A single video source supports simultaneous requests by multiple users, requesting  1000 channels
  • Massive IP video access, compatible with H.264/AVC standard format network stream decoding
  • Supports the docking display of multiple network streaming devices and third-party security platforms
  • Support large scale video wall functions, which can realize large-screen video stitching, multi-view, roaming, windowing, picture-in-picture, etc
  • Supports full-screen sync function for perfect simultaneous display of large-scale splicing screens and fast-changing images
  • Support multiple scene save and retrieve
  • Functions, save scene layout to the system for seamless switchin
  • Support signal source character custom overlay, freely superimpose text information on the source  screen
  • Supports high-definition scrolling caption display, subtitle size, position, content, direction of motion and speed can be adjusted freely
  • Support HD basemap function, large screen group can display large resolution background image without using third party equipment
  • Source preview function, the control software can preview the source screen in real time
  • Detailed authority division control to support multi-user grouping and hierarchical decentralization control;· Any node dropped does not affect the overall system operation
  • Front panel IP address display for quick device positioning
  • Support device firmware online upgrade function
  • Support 7×24 hours of continuous work capability°/ s.