T-6249 Digital Ambient Noise Controller (For Airport Solution)


  • Automatic identification of noise and sound pressure level of broadcasting program.
  • 4 channel digital ambient noise controller.
  • Automatically adjust the output level after programmed.
  • Intelligent digital sound system controller in 1U height.
  • 19″ rack mount design type.
  • 4 channel sensor inputs, and each channel capacity or total four channel capacity max of 16 units.
  • Serial or parallel connection at communication distance of 3kms.
  • A serial ports for PC software configuration and data management.
  • The controller work stand alone without software after configuration.
  • With computer software configuration function, software is made into plug-in.
  • DC24V power supply interface.
  • With LCD display.
  • Four channel separate line inputs and outputs.
  • Built-in CPU and menu function button for program by itself.
  • End-user self defined sampling frequency response period.
  • Max output level function.
  • With four channel output level display.
  • Ambient noise control (ANC) and output level adjustment (ALC) function.