T-6600 16 Zones Weekly Timer with 8x16 Audio Matrix and Mp3


  • Humanized design, simple and convenient operation, after the completion of the system line connection, only need to operate on the controller to meet the daily broadcasting needs.
  • Super automatic programming control, built-in 4 sets of main programs, up to 200 steps per day, and set up a special set of spare programs, with sunny and rainy day operation mode.
  • Built-in powerful and flexible audio matrix, 8 input channels, 16 output channels, can be manually or automatically arbitrary switching; Different districts can broadcast different programmes at the same time without interference.
  • Input signal with independent volume adjustment, can be applied to different audio source equipment.
  • Built-in programmable MP3 audio source, beautiful sound quality; SD card storage, the capacity can be expanded arbitrarily, randomly attached card reader, easy to download tracks.
  • External control of various audio source equipment, to achieve the specified time, the designated place (area), play the corresponding programs (music).
  • Powerful power management, built-in 6 channels of programmable power supply, and external control of power sequence for expansion.
  • Multi-mode fire alarm function, including six alarm modes: independent alarm in the whole area, independent alarm in partitions, and adjacent ( partitions.
  • Local broadcast paging function, can be flexible to achieve the whole region, district broadcast paging.
  • Cooperate with the calling station to make remote paging broadcast. Through the audio access of calling station, the radio program of different places can be transmitted back to the machine room for broadcasting.
  • Connect with the telephone pager to realize the telephone remote whole region, partition paging broadcast. No matter where you are, you just need to pick up the phone to enter the system for broadcasting.
  • Built-in monitoring, can select various input signals for monitoring.
  • Self-created backup automatic control function, convenient and practical, flexible manual, automatic control, with a number of functions fast.