The Titans series modular hybrid matrix is a high-performance signal switcher that is combined with an all-digital hardware design concept. It uses high-capacity high-speed FPGA array and digital bus routing in a switching technology architecture to realize mixed input and output of signal and analog signals. It is a high-quality hybrid interface matrix with a rich type of interface, powerful performance, high-definition image stitching capabilities, cross-screen imaging, full-screen modes and seamless switching. Widely used in large-screen display engineering, on-screen teaching, security monitoring, command and control center places and other applications.


  • Digital bus routing structure, the system’s signals are exclusive to their own dedicated data  channels to in order to avoid accidentally channel blocking and cross data transmission
  • Board-type hot-swappable structure, high  chassis integration and highly  reliable
  • Multiple sets of scene saves and automatic polling
  • Automatic detection of input signals
  • Customizable output resolution for each channel
  • Automatic protection in case of emergency power loss
  • Keyboard, TCP/IP, RS232 control support
  • Switch between signals without delay, no black field
  • Supports input signal text overlays
  • Image cutting
  • Support for joint control matrix and large screen switching