With full compatibility and traditional programming mode, it can realize intelligent network control. It supports IOS/Android mobile devices for centralized control. The product adopts industrial grade design, which is safe and reliable.

  • Standard 19-inch cabinet design, 2U height, the front panel is made of black oxide wire drawing process, neat and elegant.
  • With a 4.3-inch LCD touch color screen, the user can check the IP address and modify the IP address.
  • Fully support network control, with network interface; support multiple IOS platforms (iPhone/ipad), Android platforms and other mobile device terminals to communicate with the controller through WiFi.
  • The programming methods of mobile device terminals such as IOS platform (iPhone/ipad) and Android platform are fully compatible with traditional touch-screen programming methods. There is no need to re-learn new programming methods, and it is extremely convenient to upgrade and replace.
  • Support the bidirectional feedback function of the operation status, and the control execution status of the equipment can be seen at a glance.
  • Adopt programmable control platform, interactive control structure, Chinese and English programmable interface.
  • Using the latest 32-bit Cortex-A8 ARM architecture embedded processor, the processing speed can reach up to 720MHz.
  • A large number of highly integrated processing chips are used, and the elegant LAY OUT makes the system run very stable and smooth.
  • Built-in 256MDPR and 8 GEMMC large-capacity FLASH memory.
  • With 8 independent programmable serial ports, used to send and receive RS-232, RS-485 and RS-422 signals.
  • Support serial port loop-out function, any 8 serial ports of the controller can realize that any input can be looped out from another serial port.
  • With 8 independent programmable IR infrared emission ports.
  • With 8 digital I/0 input and output control ports with protection circuit.
  • With 8 weak current relay control ports.
  • With a NET network control interface, used for external function expansion, and connect 256 network devices in parallel.
  • Fully support third-party equipment and control protocols, and support user-defined programming to set any control protocol or control code.
  • Support 1 TF card interface, realize the program import or export in the project.
  • Embedded intelligent infrared learning function module, no need to configure professional learners.
  • The infrared code library of various commonly used electrical equipment can be imported to the controller to realize the control.
  • Support multiple network central controllers to achieve cascade control to achieve the effect of interconnection and mutual control.
  • Adopt international popular SMT production process