VA-6000BC DC Power Supply and Battery Charger


    • Select charging mode automatically.
    • Storage battery failure, overvoltage, over-temperature and overtime charging detection.
    • Automatic temperature control fan and overheating protection.
    • Storage battery can be changed, will not be influenced by the change of AC power supply.
  • * Build-in battery charge management and monitoring circuit. When connected to AC power, DC 24V will be off automatically.
  • * Storage battery adopts two DC 24V lead-acid batteries or one DC 24V lead-acid battery.
  • * Selecting charging mode automatically, to ensure safety charging and service life: pre-charge->constant current->trickle charge.* High charging efficiency and restore efficiency. Storage battery fault detection, overvoltage detection, over-temperature detection and overtime charging detection.
  • * Being suitable for multiple volumetric battery <=200Ah.
  • * Dual internet interfaces, can realize hand in hand connection.


AC Power 
Power Supply~ 220V-240V 50/60Hz
Maximum Current1.5A
Fuse250V/2A, low speed type
DC Power Output 
Power Supply24V storage battery
Maximum Current50A each line
Maximum charging current10A, adjustable
Heat dissipationTemperature fan,  forced-style
Machinery Index 
Size(L x W x D)484 x 88 x 447mm (19inch, 2U)
WeightAbout 7.5kg
MountingDesktop or 19 inch cabinet
Enviroment Requirement 
Operation Temperature+5℃ ~ +40℃
Storage Temperature-20℃~ +70℃
Relative Temperature<95%, (No condensation)