FENIX ULTIMATE+ is the video management software (VMS) of the FENIX SUITE, flexible and modular, capable of providing an adapted response to any security project.


FENIX ULTIMATE+ is the VMS that will allow you to operate the system remotely in a centralized way.

Your operators will be able to view, playback and download images in real time or already recorded, receive alarms, control PTZ domes, navigate through the images from panoramic cameras, know the status of the elements of the system and keep it always operational.

With FENIX ULTIMATE+ your operators will no longer have to navigate through the numerous applications of other systems. Through a single interface, you can get a clear picture of what is really going on.

From a single location they can manage the video surveillance system, the access control terminals, the license plates obtained by LPR and the temperatures of the thermography systems. All of this will allow them to get the situation under control.

Because every second counts, rely on the information and intelligent data from your video surveillance system offered by the FENIX SUITE. You’ll be able to respond faster to what really matters and automate the rest of the processes.

Your operators will be able to visualize the images associated with alarms, and even know where these events are occurring, thanks to the use of plans or maps through the GIS module.

Monitor thousands of cameras without missing a single detail, define camera scenarios and sequences, digitally zoom for easy identification of people, monitor the status of other third-party systems, and do it all under one user interface.