XC-96 Series


  • Therefore people cannot use any normal network speakers if no power socket at nearest. However if choosing poe power speakers , then it can use the same network cable to power them via poe switch.   
  • Secondly, another advantage of using poe speaker is easy installation. If trying to install speakers in the place without power sockets , then it needs large-scale construction. In this case , it will cost much installtion fee. However if selecting POE type speakers, then they can use the existing LAN cable to power themselves , thus the installation work load and cost will be very less.
  • Thirdly , in terms of neat, using POE , all wiring layout will be realized only through LAN cable, hence the project location will be very tidy. Usually except for LAN cable, the electric wire is for powering various types of network speakers, which increase the risk of fire disaster and people ‘s fall. However when using poe power supply speakers , the ground wiring is only limited to the LAN deployment and decrease the above risks.
  • Forthly , another feature of POE speakers is the improvement of power supply realiablity. If the terminals powered by the power socket , when occuring power-cut-off, then all the terminals will be stopped to work due to it . Under such circumstances,  normally we need e a UPS system to power the POE switch. Thus under the cases of power outage,  the poe speakers will work for a time.
  • Due to the limitation of POE power supply , it can only drive max 15W power , thus in the market poe speakers can only reach 15 watt maximumlly. As we know that there is no direct relationship between sound quality and power rate.