• Wall-mounted design.
  • Integrated with network audio decoding, digital amplifier and column loudspeaker.
  • Built-in stereophonic Class-D power amplifier (60W/8Ω).
  • Adopting waterproof structure, with IPX5 protection grade.
  • Supporting offline bell ringing function, integrated with high-capacity flash disk and clock chip, being able to import timed task from the server software and automatically implement the broadcasting task when the speaker is offline.
  • Equipped with 1×Relay Input and 1×Relay Output interface for external linkage with the 3rd party devices.
  • Built-in loop detector to remotely monitor the operating condition of the speaker, easy maintenance.
  • Built-in ambient noise sensor, ensuring the volume of the speaker will be automatically adjusted according to the ambient noise level, to realize continuous crystal clear voice intelligibility.
  • Supporting remote volume adjustment of the speaker on the server software.
  • Supporting configuration and online firmware upgrade via user-friendly web page.
  • Compatible with standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), can be registered to VoIP telephone system (mainstream IP PBX such as Cisco, Asterisk, Yealink, etc.) independently.
  • Equipped with standard RJ45 interface, accessible to the system wherever Ethernet is available, supporting cross-segment and cross-router.