4-Slot Layer 3 IPv6/IPv4 Routing Chassis Switch



  • Supports auto-negotiation, auto-MDI/MDI-x and half-duplex/full-duplex modes for all 1000BASE-T ports.
  • Prevents packet loss with back pressure (half-duplex) and IEEE 802.3x pause frame flow control (full-duplex)
  • Supports VLAN
  • Supports Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Supports Link Aggregation
  • Provides Port Mirror (many-to-1)
  • Port Mirroring to monitor the incoming or outgoing traffic on a particular port
  • IP Routing protocol supports RIP v1/v2, OSPF v2, BGP4
  • Routing interface provides VLAN routing mode
  • Policy-based Routing(PBR) for IPv4 and IPv6
  • VRRP protocol for redundant routing deployment
  • Supports route redistribution