VA-6500 CC1 Main Controller PA System


  • * Display the board status information of the system: working status, zone status, current monitoring status, etc.
  • * Support PTT emergency microphone: PTT status detection, PTT all zones paging, PTT input sensitivity adjustment.
  • * LED indicator: display the working status and failure status of the equipment.
  • * Zone monitoring: support the end monitoring of any zone in the system, and adjustable output volume of the monitoring speaker.
  • * Emergency mode switching: press the button and the emergency switch light will turn red and keep flashing; press it again to exit the emergency mode; reset and return to the normal status, and the red light turns dark.
  • * System failure prompt: when the system fails, it will actively send out sound and light prompt warnings; after all the system failures are removed, the warnings will be automatically stopped.
  • * Failure silencing: after pressing the failure silencing button, the failure warning is suspended.
  • * Screen brightness: the backlight brightness of the 7-inch display is adjustable.


LED indicator
Display screen7-inch touch screen, resolution: 1024 * 600
Monitoring speaker8 ohms, 5W, cavity speaker
Supporting board quantityA maximum of 14 small boards
Weight6.85 kg