Put “eyes” on your ATMs and POS, and locate images of any potentially fraudulent transactions in a matter of seconds, through advanced search filters. Obtain all relevant information about the transaction for further forensic analysis.

Specially developed for the banking and retail sectors, the SCATI CASH software module associates images or recorded video with transactions made at ATMs and POS, establishing full traceability of operations.It is an application in passive mode capable of integrating with the different ATM or POS manufacturers, without influencing its operation and fully parameterizable. Due to its versatility and code opening, it is possible to easily add new ATM models or POS terminals.
From a simple interface, you will be able to monitor the operations carried out in your bank’s ATM network by a specific credit card, consult all the sales made from a specific terminal in your business or find out which are the most common transactions in a specific ATM. You can then implement more specific protection mechanisms depending on whether there is a lot of cash movement or not.With SCATI CASH you will have the module that your organization needs to save forensic investigation work and focus the efforts of your staff on tasks that bring real value to your company.