Professional Audio

Professional Amplifier

D-200/ D-350/ D-500 Class-D Professional Amplifier
TS-350PI Professional Amplifier
TS-500PI 500 Watt Power Amplifier
TS-700PI 650 Watt Professional Power Amplifier
TA-2500/ TA-2700/ T A-21200 Professional Power Amplifier
TC-4500DT/ TC-4700DT Four-channel Network Digital Amplifier
TC-21200 Professional Amplifier
TC-21000 Professional Amplifier
KT-P1300H Professional Amplifier
KT-P1100H Professional Amplifier

Conference Loudspeaker

TS-608/ TS-610/ TS-612/ TS-615 High-end Entertainment Professional Conference Loudspeaker
TS-610DT/ TS-612DT/ TS-615DT Professional Active Speaker (Built-in DANTE)
TS-1203H Sound Column Speaker
TS-803H Column speakers
TS-603H Column Speakers
TS-603CP Active Speaker
TS-405HB Conference Room Column Speaker
TS-403HW Column Speaker
T-703HR HIFI Level Sound Column
TS-608A High-end Entertainment Conference Loudspeaker

Multifunction Loudspeaker

TM-10H/ TM-12H/ TM-15H Tertainment Speakers
TS-8152 Professional Speaker
TK-M15 Professional Speaker
TK-M12 Professional Speaker
TK-M10 Professional Speaker
KT-M12 Professional Full Range Speaker
KT-M10 Professional Full Range Speaker
KT-K12 Professional Full Range Speaker
KT-H12 Professional Full Range Speaker
KT-D15 Professional Full-range Speaker

Monitor Loudspeaker

TK-T15 Professional Speaker
TK-T12 Professional Speaker
KS-14F Professional Three-frequency Coaxial Monitor Speaker
TS-610T/ TS-612T/ TS-615T Professional Speaker Stage monitor speaker

Outdoor Loudspeaker

TS-108HT/ TS-112HT/ TS-115HT All-weather outdoor waterproof speakers
TP-10/ TP-12/ TP-15 Professional Plastic Waterproof Speaker
TW-10/ TW-12/ TW-15 Waterproof Professional Loudspeaker

Cinema Loudspeaker

KF-YS218 Professional Subwoofer Speaker
KF-YS18 Subwoofer
KF-Y215 Professional Full Range Speaker
KF-Y12 Professional Full Range Speaker
KF-Y15 Professional Full Range Speaker
KF-Y10 Professional Full Range Speaker

Stadium Horn Speaker

TS-3 Professional Speaker
TS-2H/ TS-3 HHorn Speaker

Line Array

LA-205M/ LA-112M Line Array Loudspeaker
TS-15A03 Active Line Array Speaker
LA-2650P/ LA-1200P Active Line Array Loudspeaker
LA-2800P/ LA-1800P Active Line Array loudspeaker
LA-2650/LA-1200 Line Array Speaker


TK-182S High grade ultra low frequency sound box
TK-181S High grade ultra low frequency sound box
TS-615S/ TS-618S High-end Ultra-low Frequency Loudspeaker
TS-628S High-end Ultra-low Frequency loudspeaker
TS-828S Professional Speaker


TS-P8801D Microphone
UHF Wireless Mic with FM touch Screen
UHF Segment LCD Liquid Crystal Display FM true Diversity Wireless Microphone
T-522UH/ T-522UT/ T-522UL/ T-522UV/ T-522US UHF Wireless Microphone
T-521UZ Wireless Microphone


TS-12PFX Mixer
TS-14PFX-4 Mixer
TS-16PFX-4 16 Channel Mixer with DSP with 4 group
TS-24PFX-4 24 Channel Mixer with DSP Effector and 4 Groups
TS-32PFX-4 Mixer