TS-15A03 Active Line Array Speaker


  • The active linear speaker is a perfect combination of one 15-inch subwoofer and twelve 3-inch neodymium magnetic full-range speakers.
  • The woofer adopts a large-area inverted hole design, which effectively reduces distortion.
  • The full-range speaker adopts a spliced array design, which can achieve a larger sound field coverage with fewer speakers, and the compact high-performance linear array system can achieve perfect voice transmission in a complex acoustic environment.
  • The woofer has a built-in 2-channel independent output amplifier, one channel for the subwoofer and the other one for the full-range speaker.
  • It adopts PWM amplifier to avoid nonlinear distortion; it has the functions of the current amplifier and can automatically recover the back electromotive force of the speaker.
  • Built-in 2-in 2-out professional audio processor, with 96KHz sampling, 24Bit quantization, and 110dB SNR.
  • The audio processor and the amplifier interact perfectly; the amplifier status signal dynamically controls the compensation of the processor; the processor provides the amplifier with a reference clock to synchronize the amplifier with the processor demands.
  • The processor has built-in signal processing functions such as equalizer, frequency divider, channel routing, delayer, limiter, and noise gate.
  • Use 2-phase quadrature power supply to continuously provide power in large dynamic range, to fix frequency switching power supply, and reduce the interference of frequency drift and beat signal to the audio channel.
  • Use a loop that conforms to the characteristics of the audio amplifier, so that the power supply is fast, and the fast switching between empty load and full load can also obtain energy supply.
  • The accurately designed crossover point optimizes the power response and high-fidelity reduction of the vocal; complete protection functions: short-circuit protection, over-current protection, over-temperature protection, over/under voltage protection.
  • 18mm plywood housing of the woofer, light weight, wear-resistant spray paint treatment and dust-proof net cotton outside. The linear full-frequency speaker has 3mm wire-drawing aluminum housing and wear-resistant spray paint treatment.
  • The entire detachable design; the top of the woofer has threaded holes, where there can be installed with a threaded full-range speaker.