KS-14F Professional Three-frequency Coaxial Monitor Speaker


  • Adopt a 14-inch coaxial woofer and a 100mm+65mm Italian imported neodymium magnetic coaxial compression driven mid-tweeter.
  • The cabinet is made of high-quality Russian imported birch wood, adopts precise CNC machining, polyurea spray paint, high-end and wear-resistant.
  • With hanging parts, it can realize the function of stage sound monitoring.
  • Support directional control with a wider frequency band; the 800-16KHz horizontal and vertical directions are controlled by the point sound source horn.
  • The polygonal cabinet structure supports adjustable monitoring angle.
  • Three-frequency single drive design.
  • Professional speaker sockets and plugs with good electrical characteristics.


Model KS-14F
Rated power500W
Peak power2000W
Nominal impedance8Ω 
Frequency range60Hz-20KHz 
Maximum SPL (rated/peak)131dB/137dB
Woofer 14″ woofer × 1
Tweeter 100mm+65mm coaxial mid-tweeter × 1
Coverage angle (-6dB)75°(H) 40°(V)
Net weight26kg
Dimension (H×W×D)420×580×480mm