TS-108HT/ TS-112HT/ TS-115HT All-weather outdoor waterproof speakers


  • Engineering plastic injection molding housing, good weather resistance, high strength, and light weight.
  • The coaxial structure design of an efficient 15-inch mid-woofer and a 44-core compressed driver.
  • High sensitivity, high power, long transmission distance.
  • Steel surface mesh, built-in three layers of mesh cloth and acoustic cotton with breathable and waterproof functions, in accord with IP56 International standard.
  • Equipped with a standard hanger with galvanized steel spraying treatment and matching stainless steel screws and safety ropes, which are convenient and safe to install.
  • It is mainly used in school playgrounds, theme parks, cultural squares, stadiums, etc.


Frequency response75Hz ~ 18KHZ @ – 10 db55Hz ~ 18KHZ @ -10dB50Hz~18KHz@-10d
Rated power37.5W, 75W,150W/100V, 150W/8Ω optional50W、100W、200W/100V,300W/8Ω optional75W, 150W, 300W/100V, 400W/8Ω optional
Peak power600W1200W1200W
Max SPL(rated/peak)117dB/124dB123dB/129dB127dB/134dB
Sensitivity96db±3db @ (1w/1m)98dB±3dB@ (1W/1m)103dB±3dB@(1W/1m)
Coverage angle(H) 90° (V) 90°(H) 90° (V)90°(H)90°(V)90°
Tweeter8″ woofer ×1, 1.4″ compressed tweeter ×112″ woofer ×1, 1.7″ compressed tweeter ×115″ woofer ×1, 1.7″ compressed tweeter ×1

TK-T15 Professional Speaker