TS-350PI Professional Amplifier


  • Industrial modeling aluminum panel, durable design, removable and washable dust-proof mesh and cooling vents.
  • Soft starter can prevent absorbing large currents into the power grid when starting up and interfering with other electrical devices.
  • Intelligent forced heat dissipation design, low fan noise, high dissipation efficiency, etc.
  • 2-channel amplifier with three options of input sensitivity, support a wide range of signal source input.
  • Comprehensive and reliable security protection measures and working status indicator (short circuit, overload, DC and overheat protection, transformer overheat protection).
  • Built-in intelligent clipping limiter controls the power module and the speaker system to work in a safe range.
  • Standard XLR+TRS1/4″ composite multi-function input interface, simple interface design is more convenient for different users.
  • High quality transformer, low resistance and large capacity electrolytic filter, make large dynamic work smooth.
  • Suitable for different places, stereo mode or bridge mode are optional.
  • With grounded input pin and suspension control.