The Cronos series multi-function integrated signal Controllers have support for 4K @ 60 ultra-high definition video signal acquisition and transmission. The video resolution can reach all 4:4:4 chroma sampling in the RGB color spectrum. The signal processor truly is a high performance integrated signal processing platform. The pure hardware FPGA system architecture and modular design concept are extended to ensure the system is stable and efficient while supporting flexible and personalized combinations of various interfaces and service Models. The advanced system architecture and algorithms give the Cronos higher processing power as well as handling a maximum input and output scale of 320.320. 


  • Digital bus routing structure, the system’s signals are exclusive to their own dedicated data channels to in order to avoid accidentally channel blocking and cross data transmission
  • Full hardware FPGA architecture, built-in core computing mechanism, excellent image processing  performance
  • Supports  4K  @  60  ultra  high  definition video  signal acquisition and transmission, video image resolution can reach all 4:4:4 chroma sampling in RGB gamut. Provides high quality image reproduction and image detail for video   playback
  • Board-type hot-swap structure, high chassis integration, high device stability, maximum expandable capacity to 320 input signals, 320 output signals
  • Input and output board mixing function
  • Each signal dynamically sets a point-to-point dedicated line data channel. Each signal has its own dedicated channel for transmission, which can switch in a nanosecond with no black field interval.