D80 Serial to IP GPRS Modem

Wlink D80-1 is Industrial Serial to IP cellular GPRS modem (called as DTU as well) which convert the serial data (RS232/485/422) into IP data and then transfer to data center through GPRS 2.5G mobile network.


Multiple operation mode

  • Always online: automatically attaches 3G Celullar when powered on
  • automatically redials when off line and keep line alive
  • Offline when idle and trigged online by user data, ring or SMS
  • GPRS channel and SMS mutual backup
  • Online/offline control by commands via user equipment
  • Data loop test

Multiple data service centers communications

  • Supports up to 4 data service centers communications
  • Supports main/backup data service centers communications
  • Supports customized setting for each data service center

Flexible and utilitarian data communications

  • Supports TCP/IP, UDP/IP, DDPTM, SMS and AT
  • Self-defines transparent or protocol communications
  • Self-defines customized data frame separator
  • Self-defines reconnecting interval
  • Self-defines heart-beat data frame

Parameters configuration and remote management

  • Built-in parameters configuration menu
  • Configuration tool based on PC
  • Remote parameters configuration via data service center
  • Remote parameters configuration by SMS
  • Parameters configuration via AT+ commands

Full function data service center development kits

  • Provides function development package
  • Provides complete sets of demo source code (VB, VC, C#, Delphi, VB.net)
  • Provides data forwarding service center for data transparency forwarding