Industrial Intelligent Gateway F-G100

Industrial 5G Intelligent Gateway F-G100 using a high-performance industrial-grade 32-bit communication processor, industrial-grade wireless module, embedded with the real-time operating system as the software support platform. F-G100 provides 1 RS232, 5 RS485, 4 Ethernet LANs, 1 Ethernet WAN, and WIFI interface so that it can connect serial devices, Ethernet devices, and WIFI devices at the same time.


Stable and Reliable
  • Using dual core high performance hardware platform
  • WDT watchdog design, system more stable
  • With local storage and breakpoint continuation, data will never be lost
  • Using complete anti-drop mechanism, data transmission is stable
High Security
  • Support DES, 3DES and other encryption methods, with VRRP hot backup function
  • Support hardware encryption and APN/VPDN private network
  • Support SPI firewall, VPN crossing, access control, URL filtering
  • Support eSIM to prevent SIM card get theft
Support Custom Development
  • Can provide dialing status, signal value, CPU usage and other API interfaces
  • Python development environment can be provided
  • Support customized development of software functions
  • Support customized development of hardware functions