Smart Light Pole Gateway F-G310

Smart light pole gateway F-G310 is an intelligent gateway specially developed for 5G smart light poles, Internet of Things, and other scenarios. It has powerful equipment access capability, communication protocol conversion, and computing processing capability.


  • Remote Operation and Maintenance, One-stop Management, Improve Management Efficiency
  • Integrates Multiple Communication Modes to Meet Various Networking Ports Requirements
  • Support Secondary Development, according to the Customer’s Own Business to Achieve Customized Function Applications
  • With Strong Protocol Compatibility, Achieve Mainstream Industrial Communication Protocols and Access Various Management Cloud Platforms
  • Multiple Networking Modes Flexibly Adapt to Various Networking Ports Requirements
  • Rich Communication Interfaces, Plug and Play, Safe and Convenient
  • Support High-temperature Alarm, Reduces the Accident Probability
  • Industrial Design, Suitable for Using in Different Harsh Environment