J5010-02-G4 is a highly compact Gen4 PCIe JBOX with PCIe switch and 2 sets of SFF-8644 for host uplink. Featuring the PCIe Gen4 switch, Broadcom Altas PEX88096, this product provides agile performance and productivity


  • Based on Broadcom Atlas 88096 PCIe Gen4 Switch Solution
  • 450mm short-depth system design
  • High-efficiency/wattage redundant power supply
  • High-performance and low noise swappable system fans
  • BMC for system remote monitoring
  • Extended PCIe slot pitch for better air cooling flow
  • 4U height PCIe card carrier design for top insertion power input Gaming GPU cards
  • Modular backplane design options for different applications
  • PCIe X16 GPU / PCIe X8 Add-on cards / PCIe X4 NVMe