Kloud-MV5 series products are professional high-resolution AV over IP codec products developed by Tricolor Technology Co., Ltd. The Kloud-M5 series features the latest H.265 high-performance video compression algorithm with low bandwidth consumption, low transmission delays, high definition picture, high picture fidelity and high stability.

The system has perfect distributed large-screen video wall management functions. It provides practical functions such as real-time synchronization of spliced pictures, windows opening at any position, arbitrary layout display, high-resolution background, high-definition rolling subtitles and so on.


  • Support 4K@30Hz ultra  high definition video network transmission,  and  backward  compatible  with  other resolutions.  Also  supports  video  signal loop-through output
  • Supports TRS (3.5 mm) audio signals to be captured and transmitted simultaneously with video, while supporting audio loopback
  • Support TRS (3.5mm) reverse audio output
  • Compatible with H.265/HEVC and H.264/AVC encoding free choice
  • Support for encoding rate custom adjustment
  • Support transmission screen color brightness adjustment
  • Support multiple sets of signal source character custom   overlay
  • Support 4K@30Hz ultra high definition video network transmission,  and  backward  compatible  with  other  resolutions
  • Support TRS (3.5 mm) audio signal output simultaneously with video signal output
  • Support TRS (3.5mm) reverse audio capture function
  • Compatible with H.265/HEVC and H.264/AVC automatic  decoding