• Compact design suitable for small to medium-sized meeting areas such as town halls, local business centers or courtrooms.
  • Full-digital circuit design ensuring stable data transmission, excellent anti-interference performance and high sound quality.
  • Up to 60 microphone units (LCS-2231BSc/LCS-2231BSd) can be connected to a single central unit (20 units per trunk × 3 trunks).
  • The conference system can be expanded to maximum 4 central units and up to 240 microphone units via the extension interface on each central unit.
  • Basic configurations of the central unit can be managed locally on the equipment itself via the LCD screen and touch buttons on its front panel.
  • All basic configurations and advanced operations of the central unit can be managed and controlled via unique conference management software.
  • Support real-time video tracking and maximum 4 PTZ cameras connection.
  • Conference discussions can be recorded using the built-in USB recording function or external recording equipment such as hard disk recorder (HDR).
  • Optional 10/20/30 meters extension cables allow flexible microphone units wiring specific to local installation conditions.