Pontus M2

PONTUS™-M2 hybrid matrix is a high definition audio & video switching device. It adopts Cross-Point-Bus technology to realize digital & analog signal seamless switching. It supports 4K@60Hz, seamless switching, redundant power and etc. PONTUS-M2 is a powerful matrix, widely used in intelligent teaching, monitoring center, conference room and enterprises.


  • 1.    I/O CapacityThe total input capacity shall not be less than 36 channels, and the total output capacity shall not be less than 36 channels.
  • 2.    Video Wall FunctionalitySupport video wall functionality, pictures can cross the displays. The whole video wall can realize a full display of signals.
  • 3.    EDID ManagementSupport reading and editing of EDID, which increase the compatibility of input sources.
  • 4.    Support A/V SyncAudio are switched simultaneously when switching the video.
  • 5.    Support Audio EmbeddedSupport audio embedded on all the channels.
  • 6.    Support Audio DemultiplexingSupport demultiplexing audio of all channels.
  • 7.    Support Text and Dynamic Timing OverlaySupport text and dynamic timing overlay on any channels, users can customize the font, color, size, position, background color, transparency and other parameters.
  • 8.    Cross Point Bus TechnologyAdopt pure hardware processing technology for each channel and allocate bandwidth for each channel with exclusive bandwidth, to ensure each signal has a dedicated channel to transmit. The switching process has no influence on other signals, thus realizing real-time processing function of the input channel;
  • 9.    Mixed Signals InputThe device shall support mixed input of signals such as SDI HDMI VGA CVBS YPbPr DVI HDBaseT and etc.
  • 10. Mixed Signals OutputThe device shall support mixed output of signals such as SDI HDMI VGA CVBS YPbPr DVI HDBaseT and etc.
  • 11. Switching TimeOperators can monitor the status of the signal sources, the cards’ temperature, the fan speed and etc. Pontus-M2 support seamless switch, the switching time between input and output≤15ms,there is no frame loss of 60FPS.
  • 12. No StuckSupport 60Hz frame rate signal acquisition, no frame loss, no stuck phenomenon
  • 13. 4K@60Hz ResolutionA single device can realize different ports and different resolutions display through control software.
    14. Control MethodsSupport front panel key control, Web control, RS232 instruction control.
  • 15. 4K@60 ResolutionSupport 4K60 on both input and output, and other normal resolutions.
  • 16. Presets ManagementSupport saving and loading not less than 8 groups of presets.
  • 17. Hot SwappableSupport hot swappable of both input and output cards.
  • 18. Signal Loss DetectionSupport signal loss detection, the color will change when the signal is lost.
  • 19. Front LCD PanelSupport front panel LCD status display, through the front panel can switch the matrix and loading the presets.
  • 20. Picture AdjustmentSupport adjust brightness, contrast and sharpness, perfectly solve color asymmetry of different displays.