The basic objective of Business Intelligence (BI), is to continuously support organizations to improve their competitiveness, providing the necessary information for decision making.

More and more businesses see the need to invest in data analytics solutions for one simple reason: information is power.

With our SUITE VISION you will not only protect your facilities and the people in them with the SCATI WATCHER VMS, but you will also have, thanks to SCATI RECKON, a transversal tool that can be used by other areas of your company to optimize procedures, improve customer knowledge, train employees or increase your turnover.

SCATI RECKON is our BI software, which centralizes and manages a large amount of data from cameras, recorders or even third-party systems. It transforms data into useful information, allowing the creation of graphs and dashboards in a simplified way, showing that information in an organized way to the people who need to interpret it and make decisions based on it.


It doesn’t matter if you want to analyze statistics of vehicles passing through a certain point, the evolution of the temperature measured by a thermographic camera in an industrial process, the age ranges of the customers in your store, or simply the health status of your recorders. SCATI RECKON offers great flexibility for the user to configure the type of graphs and reports needed, and to share that information with the people who need to have access to it.

Discover how video technology, combined with this powerful BI tool, enables you to ensure safety, streamline processes, optimize your resources, decrease response times and maximize the profitability of your facility.