T-218(A) Zone Paging Microphone


  • 1. Professional remote paging microphone, which can broadcast in different areas or in the whole area.
  • 2. It is installed in the main control room, duty room or leader’s office, and used with the tenth area pager.
  • Desktop design, black aluminum oxide drawing panel, exquisite and beautiful, exquisite technology, full of modern feeling.
  • LCD and zone indicator light display the working status of each zone, 16 number keys and function keys, easy to operate.
  • With bell and volume adjustment.
  • It can page 30 zones and connect 10 zone pager to 300 zones.
  • 1 mic and independent volume adjustment; one auxiliary line input; one audio auxiliary output, external expansion of active speaker.
  • It can be expanded to 16 remote call microphones t-218 (a) for paging broadcast, with a max connection distance of 1km.