T-6205 Intelligent Controller


  • Standard cabinet design (2U), black alumina brushed panel, humanized hand-drawn, sophisticated craftsmanship, showing high-grade temperament.
  • With 10 editable timing control power supplies, the maximum power consumption is 2500W.
  • Large-screen LCD screen, graphical interface, easy to operate. It can display 10 power status indications, date, day of the week, time, information of the next program, and so on.
  • With 1 channel sound output interface and 1 channel alarm short circuit signal input interface.
  • With 1 channel trigger control short circuit signal output interface, which can trigger alarm and other equipment.
  • With short-circuit trigger output interface, it can control the 16-bit power sequencer switch and expand the timing power socket.
  • Support copying a program from one day of the week to another day or days.
  • The power-off program is not lost, and the call is automatically resumed.
  • Large storage capacity, multi-step programming timing control power supply.