T-6227 Programmable CD/Mp3 Player with USB & SD


  • 1U tabletop and rack mount design with aluminum alloy panel.
  • Microcomputer control and touch-button operation.
  • Intake type CD player for longer life span and  better dustproof.
  • Dynamic VFD florescent screen display.
  • High reliable CD core with ESS decode system of powerful error recovery.
  • Support CD/ MP3 discs play.* One address DIP switch, set local address; meet multiple devices work together when address validation.
  • 1 channel audio signals left and right channels (L / R) output.
  • Remote control with communication interfaces (RJ45), can be controlled by the controller to realize several automatic play modes, such as: single play, all play, single cycle, all cycle, stop, etc.
  • Built-in high-fidelity wideband monitor speaker, sound full and clear; a monitor with adjustable volume knob.
  • Built-in MP3 player with readable USB and SD card.