TAS Series Speaker

The TAS-SC series speaker is a column speaker with an 8/16 unit structure. The symmetrical magnetic circuit design reduces the odd-order harmonic distortion in the low-frequency part to a low level, fully meets the needs of the human ear for sound quality. The cabinet of the TAS-SC series column speakers is made of laminate, adopts a special wooden wedge-type box structure, and the whole box does not use a single nail. Surface polyurethane paint has strong anti-wear ability. 


* Using 8/16 only 2.75 inch full frequency unit composed of sound column

* Frequency response can reach 80Hz-20kHz (± 3dB)

* Rated power up to 160W, short-term maximum power 640W

* Box is made of laminated board and the surface paint process

* Multiple installation methods and corresponding optional installation accessories, suitable for installation in various places

* Built-in 70V/100V switchable transformer, plus 8Q DC impedance, convenient for application and achieve different audiovisual effects