Traceability of goods

In an increasingly competitive market and with a more demanding customer, where time plays a fundamental role, companies are investing more and more in technologies that allow the delivery of goods in a guaranteed minimum time.

Being able to identify the origin and the different stages through which a good passes within the entire logistics chain is a fundamental value for companies in the sector, identifying critical points along the supply chain, managing to minimize incidents and increase productivity. This is crucial in sectors such as pharmaceuticals or food, which are required by the authorities to have traceability mechanisms.

SCATI PARCEL is the software module of the VISION SUITE that integrates video with any Warehouse Management System (WMS) of a logistics operator.

It guarantees the traceability of each package in the automatic sorting systems and resolves any incident, through quick and direct access to a visual check of the recorded video associated with the package as it passes through the sorter, using high definition cameras that visualize the complete route of the packages, from the moment they enter the induction areas, pass through the measuring and automatic sorting points, until they leave through the corresponding exit ramp.

SCATI PARCEL allows you to carry out parametrizable searches based on the information that the WMS collects in its database (tracking number, origin, destination, weight, etc.). These searches are performed through a web interface, so that any authorized operator can perform queries without having to install any software on your computer. The system administrator is the one who manages the permissions centrally.