TRC Series Recording

The TRC series recording  host is a multi-task distributed recording and broadcasting, which adopts an embedded Linux system and a visual operation interface. It can meet the recording requirements of multi-channel video and audio signals in multiple places, and provide users with a high-definition and intelligent conference recording and broadcasting experience. It is mainly used in conference rooms, multi-function halls, training rooms, digital method family, telemedicine, etc.


  • Multi-Singal Recording   Supports up to 6 channels of real-time recording, freely add subtitles, credits, logos
  • Picture Synthesis   Support multi-channel picture synthesis ability, provide 2/4/6/8 and other synthesis mode selection, synthesis picture. Support screen preview function
  • Visualization Control  Support web control function
  • High Capacity   Standard 2T hard disk, can support more than 2000 hours of recording while ensuring video clarity. It can be expanded according to the user’s demand.
  • Special Effect Switching   It can be used as a simple stunt stage, different special effects appear when switching screens, and it can display 12 different effects.