TriF-eX series fiber optic transmitter is a high-performance signal extender newly developed by Tricolor Technology. It is designed to overcome the transmission distance limitations of traditional copper DVI cable. LC fiber is used to transmit RGB and data clock signals at high resolutions. In the case of 2560×1440@60Hz, the single-mode fiber can be extended to reach a distance of 20 kilometers and the multimode fiber can be extended to reach a distance of 300M.


  • Single mode fiber transmission distance of 20 kilometers, multimode fiber transmission distance of 300M
  • Supports 2560×1400 @ 60Hz resolution and is backward compatible
  • Support input channel EDID update configuration
  • Support automatic protection of power-off equipment
  • Support hot swap
  • High transfer rate: 10.2Gb / s
  • Led status Indicator: convenient for connection check and error disagnose