VA-2240WM 2 Zones Voice Evacuation Controller


  • * Built-in 240W high-efficiency digital power amplifier, integrated 2 power A + B independent dual-speaker loop zone output, each zone has independent LED indicator, independent output control buttons and volume adjustment.
  • *4 audio balanced input interfaces for playing any audio source in the zones*Local emergency PTT microphone input and emergency voice can be configured by PC software to be played in specific zone.
  • *Automatically detect the working status of each zone loop (fault, normal)*The 4-channel trigger input/output port can trigger the emergency voice preset by the PC software to the specified zone or the corresponding external power source to the corresponding event warning.*Support third-party emergency audio input (user-defined emergency audio source)*Integrated independent EVAC/ALERT voice information player.*The remote paging microphone / fireman microphone online interface can connect with remote paging microphone and firemanmicrophone, each paging station connection uses standard RJ-45 network port and standard CAT-5 network cable, voice transmission uses balanced transmission mode for long-distance transmission.*Controller online interface can be connected to the slave unit, it uses standard RJ-45 network port and standard CAT-5 network cable.*communication interface, supports visual interface operation based on Window platform, and the system status can be automatically synchronized.*Support DC24V battery backup power supply.*With power amplifier monitoring function.*Support PTT recording function, no external equipment required.*System fault, dry contact output for emergency status, dry contact input for emergency status reset*The zone output has three-wire and four-wire over-ridding adjustment functions.*With IP address reset function and impedance calibration function.*The master-slave unit is integrated, and the device can be used as a controller or a slave unit by setting code address, and the maximum of 19 slaves can be simultaneously online.*The system can extend the number of the zones by slave units, it support 40 zones maximum.Specifications:
    Voltage~220V±20%, 50/60Hz
    Fuse specifications2A slow breaking type
    MIC input 
    Frequency response200Hz~10KHz
    Input impedance1KΩ
    Signal to noise ratio>65dB
    Balanced line input  
    Sensitivity ±385mV
    Frequency response 80Hz~16KHz
    Input impedance 10KΩ
    Signal to noise ratio >70dB
    RS485 interfaceSlave RS485 interface
    Supports the highest baud rate of 38400bps 
    Support up to 19 expansion machines 
    CAN interfaceRemote MIC console CAN interface
    Baud rate 50Kbps
    Supports up to 28 remote Microphone and 4 
    Fireman Remote Microphone
    Trigger modeshort circuit trigger and level trigger
    Output moderelay short circuit output
    Net weight 17.6Kg
    InstallationWall Mounted
    ColorFireman’s Red
    Operating temperature+5℃~ +40℃
    Storage temperature-20℃~ +70℃
    Relative temperature<95%