VA-6000MA Digital Network PA & Voice Alarm Controller


  • 5 inch HD color touch graphical man-machine operation interface.
  • One button for emergency alarm.
  • Support zone selection, zone distribution, grouping operation, with independent zone volume adjustment.
  • Support user-defined zone name, group name, host name (multi-host network), easy to operate and manage.
  • Support event trigger, timing trigger control output.
  • Support zone monitor, equipment status real-time indication.
  • Support event trigger phone call notification, can be set re-calling times when no answering.
  • Integrated 4 independent players (supports MP3 and WMA audio formats).
  • Support lines redundant wiring.
  • Support Ethernet online configuration, control interface work offline.
  • Support up to 4 remote microphones at max distance 600 meters , and support a microphone circuit redundancy wiring.
  • Support linkage to bus fire controller (fanhai Sanjiang 9100 and 9000 series of fire linkage controller).Basic Functions:
  • Integrated 1 independent background music player, support timing, fixed, curved, specify playback modes, support MP3 and WMA audio formats.
  • Integrated 1 independent voice message player, support voice message and language revision as demand.
  • Integrated 2 independent EVAC voice message players; support programmable stage evacuation alarm mode and specified partition evacuation alarm mode, evacuation alarm and warning information can be played at the same time.
  • Integrated 1 channel analog telephone interface for remote telephone paging broadcast.
  • With 4 line inputs (one is optional for line or ordinary microphone), 1 audio output,which can be connected to external recorder, for emergency paging recording.
  • With  4 remote MIC interfaces, connected to VA-6000FM and VA-6000RM remote microphone by standard RJ-45 and CAT-5 cable, adapting long distance parallel transmission mode for language transmission,  up to 600 meters.
  • With  8 level signal or 0 voltage short circuit input (or voltage from the programming decision, default 0 voltage), (can be regarded as 8 shortcut control keys), each shortcut key functions can be user-defined , such as: play language message to specified zones or open external power supply to trigger a third party equipment to achieve the event triggering alarm.
  • Real time diagnosis, handling, record≤ 1000, support sound, light alarm and prompt maintenance, troubleshooting when abnormal.
  • Support basic Window platform visual operation interface, status automatic synchronization, classification rights management to ensure the security system.
  • System support the third party online 0 voltage relay input and output interface.
  • Host has a full backup function, by adding another host, also can be based on the “cloud” architecture, not only to ensure the system to be more safe , but also to expand system control points (Note: Configure VA-6000ST before adding devices, otherwise the added host cannot operate and work normally, the host will automatically prompt the user to configure).


Electrical Specifications 
AC Power Supply 
Voltage~220-240V 50/60Hz
Maximum CurrentLess than 0.2A
Fuse Specification250V/2A, slow type
DC Power Supply 
Voltage24V DC, ±20%
Maximum Current1.5 A
Performance Index 
Emergency Microphone 
Line input 
Distortion<1%(rated output power),1KHz
S/N Ratio>70dB
Record Output 
Distortion<1% (rated output power),1KHz
Contact Output 
Fault Relay OutputShort circuit, no voltage
Fire linkage Relay OutputShort circuit, no voltage
8 Relay Programmable OutputShort circuit, no voltage
Programmable DC24V Power Outputs+DC 24V, 1A
8 Programmable Trigger Input 
Level Modelhighest 3.3V
Short Circuit ModeShort circuit, no voltage
Short Circuit Input 
Fire Reset Input ContactPulse≥0.5S, no voltage
Voice Message 
Data FormatMP3 or WMA format
Storage TypeSD
Information Capacity65535
 (MAX programme of 100 songs)
Storage Time>10 years
Log Information 
Data FormatHEX
Storage TypeNand Flash
Information Capacity2000
Storage Time>10 years
Mechanical Index 
Size (L x W x D)484 x 132 x 449 mm  (19 inches wide, 3U)
WeightAbout 8.0 Kg
InstallationDesktop or 19 inch cabinet
Environmental Requirements 
Operating Temperature+5℃ ~ +40℃
Storage Temperature-20℃ ~ +70℃
Relative Temperature<95%