VA-6000ST EVAC System Software


  • * It is operated in the computer to connect the controller by LAN, supporting operation in Windows2003/ Windowsxp /Windows7.
  • * The operations of the system software are including Zone Control, Status Monitor, Offline Program Edit/Upload/Download, Event Recorded, System Configuration, User Management, etc.
  • * System configuration oriented to speed up the system basic configuration.
  • * Automatical playing and timing function to achieve timing programmed playing in the designated zones for unattended operation.
  • * Built-in automatic timing corrector when software launch.
  • * It supports the logins with multiple user passwords and the synchronous operation by multiple software platforms.
  • * It supports both pull and push operations in system configuration to ensure the safety of the configuration datas .
  • Setup AppearanceDouble-click the installation folder, then the user just need to click “Next Step” to finish the software installation, which is the system default installation way and very conveniently.Login interfaceAfter running the software, you have to login with the correct user name and password for the sake of system safety.
  • Module configuration interfaceThe module information of current configuration will be graphics to make sure the intuitive understanding and quick operation.
  • Zone operation interfaceQuick playing the evacuation voice, warning voice and BGM. It controls the open and close status of the zones, the volume adjustment, line / mic select and also it will monitor the zone operation status in real time.
  • Status inquiry interfaceA real-time monitoring to the operation status of the system controller, zone mixer amplifier, amplifier changeover, mic , DC and battery charger.
  • Program timing interfaceEdit the system’s 24-hour automatical operation procedure in 7 days, including BGM playing, zone timing of on and off status, volume adjustment and zone selecting.
  • System daily record interfaceIt records the log of the PC operation, system controller, zone mixer amplifier, amplifier changeover operation and monitoring.
  • Configuration module interfaceThe configuration module is including equipment datas , emergency event, name modification and grouping.
  • The configuration datas include the system datas , controller datas , zone amplifier datas , amplifier changeover datas , contact points and grouping, which are applied to the basic datas setting.