VA-6200RM EVAC System Remote Paging Microphone


  • * Support 16 zones, group paging button.
  • * System max support 32 remote paging microphones.
  • * Microphone support anti-misoperation plug.
  • * Support line audio input, and input/output volume is adjustable.
  • * Paging priority can be set by software.
  • * Support 24 DC power supply.
  • * Remote MIC/Controller has 2 cascade interfaces, 1 in and 1 out.
  • * Optional paging to the main controller or extension controller.


MICCapacitor Microphone
MIC Sensitivity10mV/600Ω
MIC Frequency Response200Hz~10KHz
Line Input Sensitivity775mV/10KΩ
Line Input Frequency Response80Hz~16KHz
Line Input SNR>70dB
Signal Output1V
Distortion<1% (Rated output power ), 1KHz
Supply Voltage24V DC
Dimension (L x W x D)256 x 52 x 149mm
Net Weight1.3kg