VA-6505 NT1 Noise Detector PA System


  • * Probes can be connected in series or in parallel, and each digital probe can be connected up to 16 or less.
  • * The sampling frequency period can be customized.
  • * Collect the environmental noise on site, process it and send the signal back to the testing host.
  • * Full digital noise collection probe.
  • * Cascading function: one input and one output respectively.
  • * High and low pass fifilter frequency adjustable function.* Long-distance transmission: up to 3 km.


Communication modeSingle line route
Noise frequency point filter4 segments
Output Voltage1V/600Ω
Frequency Response80-18KHz(+1/-3dB )
Power consumption4W
Transmission distance3KM
Power supply~220V 50Hz
Dimension240 x 155mm