VA-P2120( 2 x 120W)/ VA-P2240(2 x 240W)/ VA- P2350( 2 x 350W)/ VA-P2500(2 x 500W) Class-D Digital Amplifier


  • * Modular design, easy to configure as required.
  • * The use of efficient class-D digital power amplifier design scheme has lower power consumption.
  • * 2U design, 2 independent channels, each channel 120W/240W/350W/500W.
  • * Overload, short circuit protection, automatic temperature control.
  • * Automatically detect the working status of each channel and indicate by LED.
  • * Support power saving mode, enter standby mode when there is no signal.


AC power supply 
Voltage~ 220V  50Hz
Working current1.4A2.6A4A5.5A
DC power supply 
DC inputDC~24V; ±20%
Working current12.3A24A35A50A
Power Consumption295W580W845W1200W
Audio Parameter 
Input modeBalance 385mV
Frequency Response40Hz-20KHz±3dB
Output100V Constant Voltage
THD≤1% (Rated Power THD), 1KHz
Working Temperature5℃ ~ 40℃
Relative Humidity< 95%
Cooling ModeAir-Cooled
ProtectionDelay, Short Circuit, Overload, Over-temperature
Dimensions484 x 478 x 88mm (Machine feet not included)
Net weight9.8Kg10.6Kg10.26Kg10.49Kg