SCATI WATCHER is the VMS of the VISION SUITE, a video management platform for security that was born more than 20 years ago with the aim of offering comprehensive security solutions that could be adapted, by means of complementary modules, to sectors with very specific needs.
SCATI WATCHER is a powerful software for remote and centralized management of the video surveillance system. With this tool you can improve coordination between teams, facilitate the collection of forensic evidence and reduce operational costs associated with the security area.Its multiple functionalities cover all the needs of a professional security operator: visualization of images in real time and recorded video, remote configuration of equipment, alarm management, advanced searches, control of the status of the system elements, management of the cameras by means of maps, or creation of groups of devices to simplify daily operations.

The facial recognition module allows the centralized management of the lists of persons that are registered in the system, always following the regulations marked in terms of personal data protection. These lists can then be distributed and updated to the SCATI EYE face recognition cameras to notify the VMS when they have a positive recognition.

The continuous improvement of our solutions encourages us to incorporate new functionalities, so that our users can get the most out of their CCTV system and minimize the costs associated with daily operations.