G930 Industrial 5G Router

WLINK WL-G930 is an Industrial 5G router offering Ultra speed, Reliable Low-Latency Communication.


Incredible Speed

  • 5G blazing fast Mobile Broadband Internet, delivering ground-breaking download speeds up to 4Gbps.

Low latency, increased capacity

  • Low Latency is a major advancement of 5G.
  • It basically means how long a data packet needs to travel from device or from mobile to server.
  • Massive MIMO can help boost link quality and reliability, and increase capacity w/o requiring more spectrum as well as superior energy efficiency.

Multi-network, Extensive Interfaces, Enabling Flexible Expansion

  • Support 5G NSA/SA, backward compatibility with LTE, WCDMA, GPRS, and GSM.
  • Multiple interfaces, including GE, RS-232, RS-485, and DI/DO. IP-based PLC communication, with support for IPv6, and plug-and-play terminals.

High-Quality, Industrial-Grade Design

  • Fan-free design, Robust housing and a wide operating temperature range (–40°C to 70°C).
  • Resilient against strong magnetic interference. Dual power supplies for redundancy, isolated input, and a wide voltage range (7.5 V DC to 60 V DC)

Secure and Reliable Network

  • Support robust security features, such as VPN tunnels, OpenVPN, NAT, port forwarding, a stateful firewall and packet filtering, data encryption, Access Control List (ACL) and provide secure, reliable communications.