ODU310 Outdoor 4G Router

ODU310 is Wlink outdoor 4G router with waterproof housing and providing stable and high-speed cellular network DL up to 300Mpbs, bridging Wi-Fi and sharing to Wi-Fi users.


Outdoor Wateproof Design

  • IP65 rated waterproof case and built-in lighting protection, against Extreme Weather
  • Flexible Deployment and Reliable Performance, no Landline Required, just insert a SIM card and get a fast Internet

4G High Speed mobile network

  • it is built-in industrial grade Cat4 and Cat6 mobile module even 5G module, offers 4G and also LTE-Advanced high speed cellular networks. 5G module provides max 2GBps while LTE Cat6 module max 300Mbps download speed (5G under developing).

WiFi Hotspot 

  • MIMO Wi-Fi theorical speed up to 300Mbps and supports 35 concurrent users


  • Router powered by single LAN cable from 12Volt PoE adapter.

External Antenna

  • In case the signal strength is poor, it is much easier to upgrade the supplied Omni 4G antenna to the directional 4G antenna